Monday, November 21, 2011

The Letter N

It's time to celebrate the Letter N!

Here is Zachary sorting some uppercase and lowercase N's! 

We always begin by practicing writing both forms of the letter correctly.  The children love this quick sort on the smartboard.  I have uppercase and lowercase letters in lots of different fonts printed and in an envelope so they can sort more during center time if they choose.

Jack, those are some AWESOME N's!

After handwriting practice, we focus on the all important sound!  We do an initial sound sort on the smartboard with each letter and then combine them on Fridays. 

Mario sorts a picture of a Newt!

We combine all our skills by completing a page in our ABC books. 

The children write the letter, find a sticker of that letter,

 find that letter in the newspaper

and draw a picture of something that starts with that letter. 
Here is a Nest!

For snacks this week we enjoyed Nutty Bars---

And, Nila Wafers with Nutella---

I've really tried hard this year to practice the true sounds of each letter with the children.  It's more of a challenge to make the /n/ sound than it is to say "nuh". 

14th letter is complete!

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