Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Letter P

P is the 15th letter of the alphabet-- almost finished! 

The children got to choose popcorn or pretzels and some even enjoyed a mix of both this week and they LOVED it!

Austin decided to add a drawing of a porcupine to the P page in his ABC book!  The children draw a picture, write the letter, find that letter in the newspaper, and find the letter sticker.

On Friday, we combined the letters O and P for some more practice!  There are basically three levels of this type of combination.  First, we combine the items in the letter tubs and the children name each one and place it in the correct tub.  Then, as you can see below, they sort different pictures on the smartboard. 

And then they complete their own picture sort on paper!

One last activity allows the children to discriminate O's and P's from other letters.  And, to be honest, they love any activity in which they get to use the Dot Markers!  

Here is Nathan finding all the O's first!

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