Sunday, May 6, 2012

100th Day, Hooray!

It's hard to believe that the 100th day of school was over 60 school days ago--and that we only have less than 20 days left! 

Either way, I still wanted to share with you the excitement we experienced on the 100th day of school!

The children were very engaged in creating a 100th day crown that truly challenged their mathematical thinking. We had pre-made the base and stapled 10 strips to the base. Each strip was a different color. For each strip, I gave the children a task. This really challenged their oral listening skills, too!

Austin is writing the numerals from 1-10 on the green strip.

Abby is writing her name 10 times on the light blue strip!

Here is a completed crown! 10 items on each one of the 10 strips means-- 100!

Audrey is sporting her 100th Day Crown!

Now, what would a special day be like in Mrs. Lochel's class without a snack to compliment it??  That would be unheard of!  So, we soon got to work on a 100 piece snack-- here are the options and a blank 100 grid.

Giovanna got started with 10 marshmellows and 10 M & M's.

Nathan continued on with Cheez-Its and Goldfish.

Kailyn added pretzels and chocolate covered raisins.

10 pieces of 10 different snack items means--100!

We ate a handful and packed the rest up to take home.  It sure was interesting to see just what a 100 piece snack looked like!  


  1. I would love to post your ideas on my pinterest board but I don't see a permission to pin on your blog. Would you mind if I posted the pictures?? You can contact me at or through my blog (see below). Thanks,

    PS. I just left this same message on your other blog so don't feel like you have to answer me twice : )

  2. Every year when we make our 100th day crowns I always think they look the Pope's hat!

    Thanks for following my blog! I'm your newest taller!

  3. I love your 100th Day Snack!! What a cute idea of 10 snacks per row. I am giving you the One Lovely Blog award. Head over to my blog to check it out!

    Lauren C

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  5. I'm now following you. I love the crown! We made crowns last year and they had to cut out buses. Then the had to count by 10s to 100. After that they glued them to a strip of construction paper. It was a mess. Do you put the crowns together for them?

    Jeremy Michelbook

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  7. I love the crown idea! Last year, we made a giant 100 grid to write our 100 words on, but I think this year we'll make crowns!! Much cuter!!