Friday, March 23, 2012

Birdhouse Building

This Friday morning our day began with muffins, juice, Moms, Dads, Grandmas, Grandpas, brothers, sisters, and a whole class set of birdhouses!  Our local garden store, Chirp 'N Chatter, gave us a great deal on birdhouse kits, so we decided to make a morning out of it! 

Audrey said, "It was cool because I like the top of the birdhouse." 
Chloƫ said, "It was fun because my Dad was there."

Zachary said, "I liked it because it was fun.  I got to do screws and build with my Dad."

Giovanna said, "I built a birdhouse with my Daddy and my brother.  It was fun."

Samuel said, "It was fun because I liked building it.  I had fun with my Mom."

Jennifer said, "I helped my Daddy to build my birdhouse.  I liked it."

Jack said, "I love my Dad. I like to build birdhouses with him."

Reese said, "I had fun because my Dad let me use the screwdriver."

Nathan said, "I like building birdhouses. I'm glad we got to have muffins and juice."

Megan said, "I like building birdhouses and it was really fun.  Pops let me use the screwdriver and I did most of the nails."

Abby said, "I like building birdhouses because they are fun to make and you get to paint them.  You'll be surprised if you see a nest in there.  I'm glad my Mom got to come in and work with me."

Caitlyn said, "This is my Daddy.  He is very nice to me.  I got so excited when we got to build a birdhouse."

This child said, "This morning I built a birdhouse with my Grandaddy.  I loved it."

Kailyn said, "Grandmommy and Papa came with me to make a birdhouse.  It was fun because I got to help build it."

Dallas said, "I was helping Mommy by picking up the wood."
Austin said, "I used the screwdriver and I helped Mommy.  I used the screws to help Mom."

Hopefully we'll all start seeing some blue birds flying around very soon! 


  1. Great job today! Thank you for taking pictures and making this an enjoyable event for the children and parents. We enjoyed making birdhouses.
    Austin, Dallas and Jerri Sewell