Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Letter L

It's time to celebrate the letter L!

At the beginning of every letter study, the children practice differentiating between the lowercase and uppercase forms of the focus letter.  Then, they practice sorting pictures based on the sound of the focus letter vs. other letters we've studied. 

 After practicing together, the children completed the L page in their ABC books.  The children find an L sticker and an L in the newspaper.  They write the letter L and then draw a picture of something that begins with L

Jennifer found an L in the newspaper. 

This child drew a ladybug. 

Caitlyn is drawing a lion!

I do my best to match up our snack of the day and the letter we are studying.  It really isn't too hard since we only study each letter for two days.  And, the children are hilarious when trying to guess what we are having!  This week we had--

Lays and Lemonade

And, Lemon Squares-- homemade by Mrs. Lochel!

On Fridays, we combine the two letters that we've studied that week and complete a variety of activities.  First, the children complete a picture sort independently. Later in the year, the children will begin working with picture sorts based on their spelling stages from Words Their Way.  For now, I just create these sorts on a weekly basis with clip art for the letters we are studying!  I typically use the same clip art for the sorts on the smartboard so they have already practiced naming each one at some point during the week.  A good way to practice this at home would be to choose two letters/sounds and have your child find pictures in a magazine or newspaper that fit into either category.

Then, they have to use our favorite dot markers to locate both letters-- uppercase and lowercase! 

12 letters down...14 more to go!

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