Saturday, October 8, 2011

Art and Reading about Apples

As you have probably noticed from my earlier two posts, Apple Tastings and Apples Apples Everywhere, we are having a BLAST learning about and experiencing apples! 

We've done a variety of art projects these past few weeks.  The children have loved sponge painting, scrub brush painting, mural painting, and finger painting apples and the different seasons of apple trees! 

Abby and Kailyn created apple trees with finger paints. 

Earlier in the week, the children used apple sponge paints to sponge down one of each color apple-- red, yellow, and green.  Later in the week, the children cut out each one.

Then, we began painting a tree out in the hallway to hang up all these apples! This ended up being a great solution to the problem of being out of brown butcher paper.  It turned out to be a fun painting experience for the children.

Yet another art project focused on a study of the different seasons of the apple tree.  I found these dish washing scrub brushes at the Target Dollar Spot and instantly thought of filling them with paint.  It worked great for the green leaves of the tree and it was a new experience for the children.

Austin and Jennifer are painting pink and white leaves on their trees to represent an apple tree in Spring.

Scholastic Weekly Reader provided us with the perfect reader this month!  All About Apples!  The children read these individually and then we read them together.  There were great photographs of the seasons of the apple tree.

We shared in a reading of two great poems that I found on various websites.  We spent a day repeating these, reading them chorally, and reading them independently. Then, the children illustrated around them.  These poems usually go home for homework on Thursdays.  Poems can easily build confidence in reading and fluency. 

Here are two apple centers that the children did.  One is an apple counting book!  The children counted and glued down red apples.  Then, they wrote the corresponding number. 

The other was a center led by Mrs. Claire!  I printed colored apples with our high frequency words on each one.  Mrs. Claire mixed them up and turned the cards face down. She worked with the children to play "Memory".  The children had to read each word their turned over and got to keep the match if the two words were the same.

Apples are always one of my favorite themes!  However, the time has come to move on.  Keep up with us and see what we'll be learning about next!!

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