Monday, October 3, 2011

The Letters I and J

It's time to celebrate the letters I and J

I'll start at the end of last week and work my way back!  On Fridays, we combine the two letters we've been studying that week and do a few different activities.  One is a picture sort.  We go over the name of each picture first and then the children get to work.  The letter I was a little tricky for me to find pictures of this week.  I was attempting to stay with the short /i/ sound.  I found iguana, invitation and igloo.  We had to talk about how "ill" was another word for "sick".

On Wednesday and Thursday, we studied and practiced and celebrated the letter J!  I try to assign a "show and tell" type of homework at least once a week and this week the children had to find something at home that started with the letter J

 An assortment of J items!!  Jars and Jello and Jasmine and Juice boxes and Jewelry and Jelly Belly Jellybeans galore!

And before all of that, the children completed a page in their ABC books for both letters.  Here are some examples from the J pages!

Dario is drawing a Jaguar! 

 Caitlyn has found a J in the newspaper. 
She already has the sticker down!

Jennifer drew a Jaguar too! 

When I introduce each letter we do a few sorts on the smart board.  We usually start with an uppercase and lowercase sort of each letter and then move onto a picture sort based on the letter sounds.  Here is Kailyn moving some pictures onto the J side.

Moving back to Monday and Tuesday when we learned about the letter I--

Here is Caitlyn working hard on a letter sort! 

I always try to get some paper and pencil handwriting practice in as well!  I love these practice pages because they are just enough!  Not too much to overwhelm and frustrate the children--but just enough!

 Dallas and Mario--nice work, boys!

10 letters down--16 more to go!

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