Sunday, August 28, 2011

All SORTS of Fun and Learning

It was our first full week together in kindergarten and we experienced all sorts of fun and learning! 

We started off with the simplest of math concepts: Sorting.  The children worked in small groups most of the week as I led small, guided math groups.  On Friday, we all came back together for a SHOE SORT! 

Each child took off one shoe.  We made a big pile and then took turns sorting them in different ways. 

Can you guess how Abby sorted these shoes? 

(flip flops and sneakers)

What about how this child sorted? 

(girls shoes and boys shoes)

Small groups worked on sorting pictures of various items like this flower and fruit sort.  These tasks are designed for children to complete independently while I work with guided groups. 

Then, we all sorted items that begin with the letter A or B!  A great review to the end of our letter A and letter B sound practice this week. 

We even got to celebrate another 5 year old birthday---actually TWO!!  Happy Birthday to Chloe and Audrey!  

Here are the girls with their Mom.

To my teacher followers out there---how do you celebrate birthdays in the classroom?

We ended our week with my favorite snack activity.  Cheeze-it ABC letters!  Each child has to correctly match each letter before they can enjoy their snack!

Here's to many more great weeks ahead!

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