Wednesday, August 17, 2011

'Twas the First Day of Kindergarten

'Twas the first day of Kindergarten when all through the room
the carpets were vacuumed, the floors swept with a broom.

The name tags were hung by the closet door with care,
in hopes that their owners soon would be there.

The children were walking in a line teacher led,
while visions of crayons danced in their heads.

Mrs. L and Mrs. M patiently stood by the door,
an excitement was growing that they couldn't ignore.

When into the classroom there arose such a clatter,
We all joined in with a contagious laughter.

Away to the carpet we walked just like so,
"Good Morning" we said, "How are you?" and "Hello"

The sun peeking in from each window on the wall,
gave a shimmer and shine to children, one and all.

With what should appear to our eyes that were wondering,
but 19 children growing a love for learning.


Here is some of what we did on our first day in Kindergarten--

You've just got to love reading about Miss Bindergarten and all her students!  Through the alphabet, each student shares what they did to get ready for kindergarten. 

And then, of course, we had to talk and draw and write about what WE did to get ready for kindergarten!

Then in math, we did a little SORTING to get our mathematical thinking all warmed up!

 Here are two other really GREAT stories we read.  The Recess Queen is a must read before heading out to the playground!

All things considered, we had a fantastic first day of Kindergarten.  We all agreed that kindergarten ROCKS!

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