Sunday, August 7, 2011

Dreaming of Back to School

Yep, they've started.  I am still 3 days out from reporting back for a week of inservice and 10 days out from the actual first day of school. But the dreams, they have begun.

Last night, it was a new student.  The attendance secretary at my school had come down with some paperwork.  It was the day before school started.  I had already labeled everything and put numbers and names in order.  What a nightmare!!! 

This happens to me every year.  It always leads up to an almost sleepless night the night before school begins.  Some of the dreams are good and some make me anxious.  I know they come because all I do before falling asleep is think about what all I have to get done!  Visions of name tags and lesson plans and books dance in my head!

Do you get nervous? 

Do you start to have back to school dreams??


  1. My back to school dreams have started as well! I have dreamed that I left my class alone while the principal was observing me and then I got fired. I will be glad when school starts back so these dreams will stop!

  2. I dreamed that I forgot to take the class to lunch! Which, uh, has actually happened before. *shifty eyes*