Friday, August 26, 2011

The Letter B

It's time to celebrate the letter B! 

Our homework assignment for Wednesday was to bring in a item from home that starts with the letter B!

Here are two Barbie dolls.

Here are two Baseballs.

Here are some Bears and Books.

Here is a Bicycle, a Basketball, a Balloon, a Boot, and a Battery.

We did some handwriting practice on some basic "B" pages.  These pages provide clear pictures and simple practice.  They are from the download center on StarFall.

And, of course we used our letter B pocket chart!

Every Friday one of our families acts as "Produce Manager" and sends in a fresh fruit or veggie snack.  This week, Mrs. Claire B sent in some bananas and a gallon of milk for us!!  I added a few Nilla Wafers and a spoonful of Nutella.  It was a hit!  The other favorite B snack was a bagel and cream cheese. 

We sure stayed busy with the letter B on Thursday and Friday! 

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  1. LOVE IT! Your students are precious!! I love your ideas :D