Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Here is what I'm loving today--

I'm loving that this is our first full week of school!  We actually started school last week, but it was only 3 days. It's always so nice to get into a routine.  The children appreciate it and so do I! 

I'm loving this new creamer--I always say that I enjoy a little coffee with my creamer--it's the truth!  Natural Bliss Sweet Cream--enough said.

I'm loving that we are having a couple cooler days this week!  I am ready for Fall. 

I'm loving that I am finally going to go and see the movie The Help this weekend!  I read the book a while back, but am really excited about the movie!  I have a feeling this might be the first time I ever say that I enjoyed the movie more than the book.

I'm loving my Dream Dinners that I ordered and picked up last week.  They are Yum-O!  I ordered and picked up 12 pre-made dinners.  They are in my freezer and ready to be cooked.  What a saving grace after staying at school so late!

What are you LOVING today?


  1. I found your blog through WILW and I'm SO glad that I did! I'm beginning my teaching journey myself and I'm excited to read about other teacher's experiences! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Gonna try that creamer! Going to see " the Help" next week, and I can't wait.
    Ps: what would ms. Misenheimer like for her bday?

  3. I have a friend that enjoyed the movie more than the book, not that the book wasn't great. And it certainly doesn't happen often! :)