Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday


Here's what I'm loving today--

I'm loving that one of the new teachers on my team is inspiring me  to keep looking and planning ahead.  We are both planners.  The only difference is, she takes action on it all and gets it done on the spot!  I'm a thinker---and sometimes spend too much time thinking instead of doing.  We are working together and getting prepared for the weeks ahead.  It feels so good to leave school on a Friday afternoon with everything already prepared for the next week. 

I'm loving that I got accepted to the STAR Teacher Conference in October.  I worked on the application this summer and just got word this week!  More details to come!

I'm loving my Five Senses unit that I am teaching right now.  It brings me such joy to see the children experience their senses one at a time.  Today we smelled different items without using any other sense.  Some of the scents were peanut butter, mint, cinnamon, and popcorn. 

I'm loving that I have gotten THREE Donor's Choose projects funded already this year.  I am so grateful for generous donors in support of public education.  I will work with my students next week on writing Thank You notes. 

I'm loving that a loooonnngg weekend is coming up!  This teacher needs to catch up on some sleep!!

So much to be loving today!! 

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What are you loving today?

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