Thursday, September 15, 2011

Brought To Tears

Yep-- I was brought to tears today in kindergarten. 

We had an unannounced fire drill late this afternoon and my class was on their way back from Related Arts. I panicked a little because I've never not been with my class when this sort of thing happens.

I raced to the door they had exited from to witness one of the sweetest sights I've ever seen. 

Three children from the Transitional Kindergarten class joins mine for circle time, lunch, and related arts.  One of the little boys from TK was struggling with all that was going on.  One of my kindergartners, Jack, took his hand and held it the entire way out.  I was speechless.

I have a special place in my heart for children with special needs.  I was blessed with three very special brothers-- one older and two younger twins.  They were all born physically and mentally handicapped.  They lived tough lives, but they touched so many others.  I know I wouldn't be the same person I am today. 

It wasn't until I called Jack up in front of our class to announce this selfless act that tears came to my eyes.  I was asking Jack why he would do something like this and his reply was so matter of fact, "Because, Mrs. Lochel, he was scared." 

Everything that you ever needed to know you learned in Kindergarten, right? 

When someone is scared,  you just take their hand and everything will be okay.


  1. Now I am crying, too. Love those kids. Love you.

  2. Big, HUGE, goosbumps on my arms!!!!!! I pray that the kids that *have* this love for others, NEVER, ever lose it! They have a wonderful example of selfless love in their amazing teachers too!!!!

    ~Love, Lori McBride

  3. Just beautiful. Jack is one special guy!!I pray that he always has that hand out for the ones in need. I agree with Lori, you are an amazing teacher with selfless love! Miss your smile and your great laugh.
    Eva Pierce

  4. This is beautiful Lauren - thanks for sharing this. I love your blog. Thank you also for having a special place in your heart for children with special needs.

  5. Thank you for sharing this. I just love teaching Kindergarten and this is a perfect example of why!
    Spotlight on Kindergarten