Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Letter F

It's time to celebrate the letter F!

We had a fun couple of days learning and exploring the letter F! I'll start this post with my favorite part of letter study--
the SNACKS!! 

Fig Newtons were a favorite! 
Many of the children had never tried them before. 

But, the children really flipped for the Funyuns!

 Nathan enjoyed a little of both!

We added the Funyuns label to our Environmental Print Wall.  Here's what we've tasted and can read so far.

We always begin a new letter study with a quick uppercase and lowercase letter sort on the SmartBoard.  Then, the children move into some handwriting practice. 

I leave out the letter tub full of items that begin with that letter during center time.  The children usually go by to see if they can name each one. 

 Dario and Abby did!  

One of the last things the children do is complete the letter page in their ABC books.  With each letter, the children practice writing it, find the letter sticker, draw a picture of something that begins with that letter, and find it in the newspaper.  I am thinking of adding a 5th step this week--a stamp!

Abby and Giovanna found the F sticker! 

 This child wrote the letter F first!

Zachary found the letter F in the newspaper! 

On Fridays, we combined the two letters that we studied that week.  This Friday, we combine E and F.

Caitlyn works on her E and F picture sort.  

 Dario sorts pictures on the SmartBoard.

 Dallas and Vincent are "dotting" the uppercase and lowercase E's and F's. I love these dot art "markers" from Lakesore!

Letter study this week was Excellent and Fantastic! 

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  1. I LOVE your Do a dot worksheets!!! Do you have these available as a download? I would love to use them in my classroom! Thanks!