Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Letter E

It's time to celebrate the letter E!

For the first 13 weeks of kindergarten, I introduce, review, and/or practice 2 letters a week with the children.  On Fridays, we "combine" letter activities to differentiate.  This week, we were not in school on Monday in observance of Labor Day, so my schedule had to change a little. 

If you've been keeping up with us, you know that I love my letter chart!  Here are Abby and Nathan working with the letter E cards during center time.

After introducing each letter, the children participate in a sort on the SmartBoard to separate the uppercase and lowercase forms.  I use different fonts that the children will see in print.

Then, we take our handwriting practice to paper with handwriting practice pages from Star Fall.

We got out our ABC books and added 4 things to the E page--a sticker, a letter from the newspaper, a picture of something that begins with that letter, and a handwritten letter. 

Dallas drew and elephant! 

 Those are eggs--could you have guessed?

 Jack wrote an extremely big E!

Samuel drew an escalator!

We always create a chart with words that begin with the letter we are studying and then see if we have that letter in any of our names.  I also read aloud the letter book.  A parent donated these to me last year!

There is nothing like Letter Study without a corresponding snack!  I had to go with a snack that started with a "Long and Strong" E this week--and it was a hit! 

English Muffin Pizzas!  Yum! 

 E is the fifth letter in the alphabet.  21 more to go!

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