Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Number Murals

At the culmination of our number sense unit, I wanted to engage the children in a fun project that would showcase all that they had learned.  And, let's face it: we love anything that involves ART!

This number mural idea came from the Math Out of The Box series.  Another K Teacher and I are piloting the Numbers kit this year.  We got the kit this summer and couldn't wait to try it out.

The children painted a number and then represented that quantity in some way. 

Abby painted the numeral 3 and glued down 3 stars!

 Nathan had the numeral 8 and Giovanna had the numeral 2.  They both decided to use dot markers to show that many circles.

 This was one of the finished products from a table of children working with various numerals. 

This was also a creative post-assessment--see the extra dot there near the 7?  Like many teachers believe, just because we are finished with our number sense unit doesn't mean that we'll stop noticing numbers, number words, or quantities.  It doesn't mean we'll stop counting!  It's just time to build on some different mathematical concepts!  Up next-- patterns!

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