Friday, September 2, 2011

The Letter C

It's time to celebrate the letter C!

The children are getting more comfortable working the Smart Board each day, so I opened up my ABC notebook this week! 

Megan is sorting uppercase and lowercase C's.  This proved a little more challenging as we soon realized that the lowercase "c", unlike other letters, is truly just a small version of the uppercase "C"!

Chloƫ sorts pictures that begin with the letter C

We brainstormed words that begin with the letter C and found it in our names!  Can't Mrs. Lochel draw soooo well!! 

Vincent practices the letter C on one of the practice pages I use from Starfall.

We got out our ABC books on Tuesday and began adding a page just for the letter C!  The children are really getting the procedure for this book down pat!  There are four tasks to complete on each page.  The children must find that letter in a sticker, in the newspaper, draw a picture of something that starts with that letter, and practice writing the uppercase and lowercase letter. 

Giovanna found her C in the newspaper first!

Jack found the sticker for the letter C first!

Abby found a sticker and wrote the letter C!

Here is a page that is almost complete! 

 And, where would we be without some YUMMY C snacks??  Lucky for us, Megan turned 5 years old!  Cupcake snack it is!!  We went a little healthier the next day with Carrots and ranch.

Happy Birthday, Megan! 


There is no better way to end a week than with a visit from Cocky!  The Gamecock and his Reading Express came by our school today with a program and a FREE book for all the children!

We had a great couple of days learning more about and experiencing the letter C!

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