Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Will goats eat ANYTHING??

Just a stone's throw away, up a hilly sidewalk, is one of our two local high schools.  Having gone to one of these high schools myself, and having been within walking distance of an elementary school, I know the many benefits of this experience first hand. 

Presently teaching in an elementary school within walking distance to a high school, I am able to see even more benefits!

My elementary school works hand in hand with the high school to support their students and ours in many ways.  We accept Teacher Cadets, Early Childhood Education Students, and even Teacher Aides.  The high school students love to make the short walk down and interact with our little ones. 

Just recently, the Life Sciences class at the high school asked if we'd be interested in hearing their students share with ours about how they take care of their GOATS.  As kindergarten teachers, we jumped on this opportunity!  Anything we can provide to our students that increases background knowledge and experience is a must.  And best of all, this experience was FREE! 

As they shared their knowledge with us and allowed the children to ask questions, one child asked the question that was on all of our minds--  "Will goats eat anything?"  It's such a common MIS-understanding that they will!  The high schoolers were quick to respond with all the things they feed the goats and how they can get tummy aches if they eat something different! 

This was the biggest goat.  They let all of our students come by and pet them.  Some of the children just looked at this big guy! 

They enjoyed petting these smaller ones much more!

So, now you know, goats DON'T eat everything!

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  1. When Katie was in Kindergarten we went on a field trip to the local fair, and spent time in the farm area and petting zoo. While we were talking about something else, Katie felt a tug. A goat was poking his head through the fence to chew on her shirt....her floral shirt!

    We have always laughed about that :)