Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Letter H

It's time to celebrate the letter H!

These H snacks had to be the most favorite snacks we've had all year!  Since we study each letter for two days, I plan two days of coordinating snacks! 

This week we had Honeybuns

And Ham Roll Ups! 

As usual, we practiced sorting some uppercase and lowercase H's on the smartboard.  I made all these sorts last year, but they are so easy to update and change!  My goal was to have a variety of fonts of each upper and lower case as to expose the children to different fonts they may see in different texts they may encounter.

Then, the children practice writing their own H's on this practice page from Starfall.  We watch the short letter clip on and many of the pictures are same!

We added the H page to our ABC books.  It's hard to believe that we are 1/3 of the way through the alphabet already!

On Fridays, we combine the two letters of the week and work sorting and distinguishing between them.  This Friday, we combined and sorted the letters G and H. 

The children identify, cut, and sort pictures of items that begin with each letter.

I always leave two blank spots.  The children can choose to draw two pictures of things that start with either letter.

Another activity that the children love is finding the G's and H's in a mix of other letters using our dot markers. 
Here is Austin working hard!

Also on Fridays, one of our amazing families acts as "Produce Managers" and sends in a seasonal, healthy snack for us to all enjoy!  Last week was a short one, so we combined snacks this week! 

The apple slices came from Kailyn's family!

And, the grape skewers came from Giovanna's family! 

We are making our way through the alphabet--one letter at a time! 

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  1. Your kindergarteners are so cute!! I am also a kindergarten teacher. Love your blog, so glad to have found it!!