Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Back to my Alma Mater

Week 1 of Summer Break is here and this teacher finds herself traveling back to her Alma Mater! 

Now, don't get too excited, Winthrop University is just about 20 minutes away from my home.  I loved going to college, especially an amazing teacher training college, that was practically in my backyard! I felt like I was far away from home, but could drop the dirty laundry off and get a home cooked meal anytime I wanted.  Love ya, Mom!

My colleague and friend, Amanda, is picking me up today at 8:00am!  No sleeping in for these two teachers!  We are on our way to a three day Mentor Training put on by the NetScope grant at Winthrop.  We made a deal for Amanda to drive today because...it's my birthday!!

Through this grant, Winthrop has restructured the way they organize internships in the College of Education.  Schools now have to apply and teachers have to go through an application and interview process to accept student teachers into their classrooms.  Also a part of the grant and acceptance of interns is this three day Mentor Training. 

Amanda and I, proving the fact that teachers are eager and over-achieving, signed up for the first training of the summer!  This way, we justified, we'd have the rest of the summer to let it all sink in and make plans for how we would handle student teachers in the Fall.

I was one of the very lucky students my senior year to be placed in an amazing classroom for my full time internship.  Not everyone shares in this type of experience.  Mrs. Pam McIntyre allowed me to come into her room, use her things, and try out new ideas- all the while mentoring me into the teacher I am today.

Now, being on the flip side, I begin to understand just how time consuming this is.  You still keep up with all of your regular tasks and duties and planning as a classroom teacher, but now you find yourself explaining and justifying each and every move you make.  A great reflection tool for sure! I am so very grateful for my positive experience so  here's hoping I can be that experience for someone else.

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