Sunday, June 5, 2011

Coffee anyone?

You've just got to love a lazy Sunday afternoon! 

My day started off with giggles and gurgles in the infant nursery at church.  We are blessed with so many loving arms that it is very rare that my time rolls around to rock the sweet babies.  But, today was my day and I enjoyed every second of it!  I got to have a little "Teacher Talk" too with the nursery attendant. 

Back at home I had to get started cleaning up somewhere.  The kitchen seemed like a good place to start.

That is what I thought until I opened the coffee mug cabinet. 

At the Hotel Lochel (what we jokingly call our humble abode) we do love our coffee, but this is ridiculous!

This is my set of everyday mugs we got as wedding gifts.

These are two sets of white mugs; one set tall, one set short.  Everybody needs a set of pretty white dishes!

I went through a palm tree phase...still love the natural, leafy look so I've got to hang on to these!

I got these at the Dollar Tree- years ago!  I have the matching plates too.  We use these on taco nights.

The Winter Collection.

Both of these pairs were gifts.  The clear glass mugs were a Christmas gift and the painted ones in the front a gift from my Mom.  They usually get a laugh :)

One for Matt.  One for Lauren.

We just got these on our anniversary trip. I guess we thought two more wouldn't hurt!

Two from Matt's scouting events.

And then the rest.  Some from places we've been; some we've won for free.  Some, I don't even remember how they ended up in my cabinet. 

Yep, that's about 54 mugs total in a household of 2.  Who in the world has this many coffee mugs?  Somebody?  Anybody?  Please tell me you have this many too!


  1. I probably have just as many and I am the only coffee drinker in my house. Of course I have my white set, the set that matches the dishes, the christmas set and the random collection I get from students or volunteer work. (Oh.... Can't forget my cup collection I have as well.)

  2. Sorry... That would be the TRAVEL Cup collection as well.
    The joys of typing with a 2 yr old in your lap.

  3. I am a purger of non essentials, but I love all these mug sets. Who's drinking coffee with tacos, though?