Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer Bucket List and Great Deal!

A few weeks ago I was inspired to create a Summer Bucket List.  And then, I posted an update about the "strides" I was making towards each item!

Well, I am happy to report that I can finally cross a few more items off the list! 

1. Trip to the beach
2. Read a book, or two, or three (finished Best Friends Forever by Jennifer Weiner.  Just decided what book #2 will be)
3. Start a new tradition at home
4. Give a heartfelt surprise to someone (purchased said surprise, in search of the receiver)
5. Give a good report to a manager about an employee
6. Extreme Makeover: Kindergarten Closet Edition (starts THIS WEEK!)
7. Begin writing a children's book
8. Clean out all 4 3 closets (one down, three to go!)
9. Try Yoga again (my friend Kristy invited me to go...I have been a slacker, but am still hoping to go soon!)
10. Write a letter to the editor
11. Write a letter to a friend
12. Go on a picnic
13. Start a blog
14. Learn about Guided Math Groups (professional book in hand!)
15. Go to a concert (looked up ticket prices, thinking about Rascal Flatts)
16. Finally beat my husband at a game of Clue: The Office edition
17. Complete and mail in Foundation Grant (letter of rec received from principal. Now onto finishing touches)
18. Complete and mail in STAR Teacher Application

Quite a long ways to go.....

Now, onto the Great Deal! 

I love a Sunday morning when my hubby and I can just sit and enjoy each others company, hot coffee, and the newspaper.  I knew I had to make a trip out later to pick up a new ink cartridge so I was browsing the circulars for Office Depot and Office Max to see if anything else caught my eye.  And something did!! 

If you are anything like me, you love for sets of things in your classroom to match.  I am this way about many things in my classroom, especially the take home binders.  I dread buying these each year because it's usually the biggest purchase I have to make with my own money.  To me, however, it's worth the sacrifice when I can look over to my counter and see all the lovely, matching binders sitting in a neat row!

And what do you know?  Office Depot has these beautiful white, clear view, 1 in binders on sale!  A set of 12 for $14.99.  I got my whole class set for just $30!  The ones I got last year were not nearly as good quality as these and were falling apart by the end of the year. 

So happy to have that taken care of! I love a good deal and hope that if you were looking for binders that this helps you too!

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