Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Crayon Monogram

I am really, really, really procrastinating here on a major grant proposal!! It is due online tomorrow and I am not even half way done :( 

So, this afternoon I got a little crafty with a Crayon Monogram! 

I plan on making one for my assistant too. 
Mrs. Misenheimer will have an "M".  Shhh....don't tell her!

I am going to hang them outside of our classroom door.

The shadow box was $6 at Hobby Lobby and the crayons cost mere pennies at a yard sale.  Thanks, Mom!  The ribbon was leftover from a baby shower diaper cake.  I hot glued the crayons and ribbon and printed out my name!

My inspiration came from this picture I pinned on Pinterest.  This picture is linked to the original idea.

I like the ribbon I added to mine- gives it a little *sparkle*! 


  1. Love the extra sparkle! That is so creative!

  2. I love going to this before school starts back!!

  3. OMG! I am loving this. I totally want one!!

    Magnificent Multiagers!