Friday, June 3, 2011

The First Day of Summer- Technically Speaking

It's the first day of summer, at least for the children that is!  180 days of learning in the classroom have passed, but it's one more day of work for the teachers.  I am joined here today by teachers cleaning up, organizing, looking back through the memories that were the 2010-2011 school year, labeling new baskets, filing away papers in the file cabinet or gently placing them into that infamous round file can- lined with a plastic bag and conveniently picked up each day by the custodian. 

Summer doesn't technically begin for us until after this workday is complete; after all our paperwork has been alphabatized and paper clipped together, furniture pushed aside, and keys turned in.  Our thoughts race from getting everything "just clean enough" and in a place where we'll be happy when we return- to already wanting to set up for a new group of children that will soon be there.  But alas, 2 and a half months lie between today and the start of a new year and they are called: June, July, and August.  More commonly known as "Summer Break."

Now, I am well aware of the perception many other people out there at home or in the work force have of teachers and their "Summer Break".  I can hear it now..."I"d loooove to be a teacher and get 2 and a half months off!" 

Well my friends, if you...or if they...only knew!  If I could put into words, or better yet, SHOW you what a teacher's life is like in those 2 and a half months "off work", you'd be singing somewhat of a different tune.

And, as a matter of fact, I think I will do just that!  Follow me, Mrs. Lauren Lochel, Kindergarten Teacher, over the next two and a half months and see what "Summer Break" is really all about!


  1. welcome to the internet, friend! -amber

  2. Let me get my hands on that label maker ;)! Can't wait to keep up with you this summer!

  3. Nice Blog!! I had a great time reading all your insights on teaching.