Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lunch and Learn Day 2

I'm back again for Day 2!  I was amazed at how fast the first day flew by yesterday!  We didn't get nearly as much done yesterday as I had planned so I had everything ready for today.

Sticking with my ocean theme, we started off the morning with a couple more of my favorite read alouds. 

The Clumsy Crab was great for conversation because of how the main character changes from beginning to end.  At first he hates his big, clumsy claws.  By the end, when he saves his friend Octopus, he sees just how helpful he can be. 
Over in the Ocean allowed the children to participate because it's a counting and rhyming book.

Then we moved onto a glyph!  I sent the children around the room to different centers so that I could work with a small group on this project.  It had many steps! 

First, the children painted their paper half blue if they had been to the beach before.  This group then got to paint the other half with glue and add sand.  Girls did a green hand print fish and boys did orange. 

Then, the children added gems as bubbles; one for each year of life!  The seaweed represents how many people are in their family. 

Glyphs are a great way to get to know more about the children.  Before I knew it, we were talking all about their families; brothers and sisters and cousins, oh my!  You can create a glyph for any theme and with any questions you wish to ask. It's not just any old art project.....it becomes a representation of who the children are!

Sadly, I was given a reminder of just how important this program is today at lunch.  I watched as a little boy stuffed an extra sandwich in his pocket to take home.  I didn't ask questions or even let him know that I noticed.  It makes my heart ache that there are children that go hungry.  I'm glad we can do this little bit to help.

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