Saturday, June 18, 2011

An Un-Reality Check

Reality for me is those 180 days spent planning and teaching and assessing in Kindergarten.

Un-Reality for me is the other 185 days that I can spend dreaming about what to do when Reality comes back around.

And lucky for you, because you get to see what my Un-Reality is all about! 

Last week I went searching on Amazon for some new professional books to read.  My first objective was to find a book about Guided Math. Check! But then, I just got carried away with all the other exciting possibilities.  I ended up getting 4 professional books in the mail today and began poring over them immediately. 

One book I flipped through pretty quickly had a few good ideas, mostly organizational type stuff.  But the second one I picked up, oh goodness, I couldn't put it down! 

Page after page filled my mind with so many new ideas to try.  I am thinking of daily sign-ins and graphs and letter games and interactive homework books and so on and so on.  I got a little overwhelmed and had to put the book down and walk away.  After I composed myself, Reality kind of started to sink in for a moment. 

You see, Un-Reality dares me to forget about collecting lunch money and writing field trip reciepts.  Un-Reality allows me to forget about fundraisers and fire drills.  Un-Reality encourages me to forget about tired feet and early mornings. Reality says, "You just won't be able to do it all!"  And, while that's true, I can't help but continue to dream some more.

Yep, I'll keep dreaming.  I'll keep dreaming because it's those dreams that take teaching from ordinary to extraordinary.

So I say to Reality, "I'll see YOU on August 10th."  Until then, I'll continue reading and thinking and dreaming about what all I want to try in Kindergarten next year. 

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  1. Great post! I too sometimes get overwhelmed with all that I want to do but just cannot manage to get to each year in kindergarten.