Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer Bucket List

Ok, so I am totally inspired! 

After reading this blog, Creative Spice, written by my friend and future teacher, Lyndsey, I wanted to make my own "Summer Bucket List!" 

It's important that no matter how busy we get professionally, we remember to take care of our own souls! It's important to have a little fun and make life more interesting. I've definitely "grown" in that regard.  As my family and friends can attest, I am and always have been, a homebody!  It's just recently that I've felt more comfortable traveling and really experiencing new adventures. 

I attended a State Teacher Forum last February and nearly fell out of my chair laughing at one of the speakers.  Matt and Jenny Reeves are the founders and directors of Frazee Dream Center in Greenville, SC.  Matt and his wife began this center as an afternoon hang out for underprivileged children that needed role models, a safe place to be, and a snack. They have worked hard to turn their dream into a reality at the center and now offer free resources to these children in the community. He spoke very charismatically to us, a group of 80+ teachers, as a leader in the community that spends hours each afternoon with our students. 

His biggest advice?  "Just be interesting!"  He encouraged us to live our lives to the fullest, because through that, we will bring so much more to the table when teaching these children day in and day out.

So, even though my summer is pretty much booked up, I decided to start thinking of what I could do and put on such a list to be, well, more interesting!

A trip to the beach?  Read a few books?  I don't know, these seem a little safe.  But, what teacher doesn't love having a list and crossing things off- so on the list they go!

Summer Bucket List
1. Trip to the beach
2. Read a book, or two, or three
3. Start a new tradition at home
4. Give a heartfelt surprise to someone
5. Give a good report to a manager about an employee
6. Extreme Makeover: Kindergarten Closet Edition
7. Begin writing a children's book
8. Clean out all 4 closets
9. Try Yoga again
10. Write a letter to the editor
11. Write a letter to a friend
12. Go on a picnic
13. Start a blog
14. Learn about Guided Math Groups
15. Go to a concert
16. Finally beat my husband at a game of Clue: The Office edition


  1. Clue: The Office addition?!!? What!??! Um, can I invite myself over for a double date at Hotel Lochel? -Amber

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  3. Wow! What a great list!
    I love that you've already crossed one off!
    ❀Beth Ann❀
    Taming My Flock of Firsties

  4. have such a sweet list. I hope you get a lot of them crossed off. I'm your newest follower!
    Jen's Kinder Kids
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  5. Oh, #6--this is my goal for our teacher workdays! I love your list!
    And now I'm following you :-)

  6. Great list. I put guided math on my bucket list as well.--Alyce

  7. I have some of the same ideas!! I am planning on writing a few books myself:) I haven't ever thought about guided math groups, but that sounds like a great idea. I just need to get my math centers together!! Yoga...I hear you, how many times have I started and not continued! Good luck!!

    Surfin' Through Second

  8. Welcome to the blogging world! I just found you through the linky party!

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