Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

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Here is what I'm loving on this last beautiful Wednesday in June........

I'm loving the Wednesday edition of USA Today.  It's my favorite because that's when Craig Wilson's column appears.  Today, "The Final Word" is all about happiness.  Do we choose it or just get caught up in pursuing it? 

I'm loving that I got to go into school today and be a substitute for Camp Invention!  This is the coolest summer camp ever!  The children are there from 9:00-3:30 this week.  The room I subbed in allowed the children to completely take apart an item they brought from home.  With a small group, they will be creating a ball rolling machine from all the parts.  Pretty cool!  I may have to go back at the end of the week just to see how it all turns out.

I'm loving all my favorite new blogs!  And, I'm loving that I started all this in the summertime when I have plenty of time to stalk them!

I'm loving that I just got to talk with Uncle Rob on the phone.  He was down visiting last week, took a trip even further south to Myrtle Beach and called to say that he made it safely back home to PA last night! 

I'm loving that I have the entire afternoon to run errands and hopefully sneak a little "teacher shopping" in there as well! 

I'm loving  that the Moutain Dew slushie machine is back up and running at the Kangaroo Express!  I bought this cup at the beginning of summer for $7 and I get free refils until Labor Day!

What are you loving today?

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  1. love the crayon idea. i saw some online the other day and thought it would be a perfect gift for some of my friends (most of them our teachers.)