Monday, June 13, 2011

This Teacher Just Can't Carry A Tune

If you know me, you know I LOVE to sing!  I am that girl that you pull up next to in your car at a stop light that is belting out a song with hands drumming on the steering wheel! I am always worried that someone really will catch me one day :)

But if I'm being honest...this teacher just can't carry a tune.

And of course, the one thing I always end up leading at Vacation Bible School is: MUSIC!

This morning was the start of a very busy and exciting week at church.  VBS is during the day time this year, so from 9-12 this week, I am singing and shaking my groove thing in the "Wok and Roll" room. 

Since the VBS theme is "The Shake It Up Cafe", I decided to let the children pass around a whisk to lead the rest of the group in a dance move of their choice to the most upbeat song on our CD.  It is so funny to let children just have the control like that to lead!  Some just passed the whisk onto the next child and some were so funny!  Let's just say, disco may never die!

Being comfortable around children and comfortable leading and teaching them, I always let the coordinators of VBS know that they can save me until last and fill me into a position that no one else wants to do.  For some always seems to be music.  I guess I'm not the only one who can't carry a tune!

Even though I can admit my less than stellar ability in singing I can't help but love it.  What I've learned is, that in the faces of 150 children, it doesn't matter what your strengths and weaknesses are.  If you love it and own it and are enthusiastic about it- they will be too.  The other good thing is- they aren't judgemental!

I can't really explain my connection to and love of music.  No musicians or singers or instrument players in my family.  I think it just amazes me that one person though, can memorize the words to hundreds of songs. Take a minute and think about all the songs that you could just sing along to if they were playing on the radio right this minute.  When I think about this in terms of teaching, I can't help but wonder why we don't put everything to music!

This past year I had a 10 minute "Music and Movement" block of time.  That wasn't the only time we played or listened to music during the day, but that time was solely devoted to it.  The schedule went like this:

Monday: Rhythmic music and scarves (the children's favorite)
Tuesday: Favorite songs (lots of Raffi and Dr. Jean)
Wednesday: Yoga (yoga cards that went through the alphabet)
Thursday: Multicultural songs
Friday: Patriotic songs (also a kindergarten standard!)

I am constantly on the lookout for more multicultural music and ideas.  A goal for me this next school year will be to also bring in  more music throughout the day! 

So, a question to end this blog today.  What song do you know by heart?  What song could you sing to me right now?  What song could win you the $10,000 on Singing Bee?  Happy Singing!

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  1. Oh Lord! What a fountain of useless song lyrics I am! What do you want to hear? I am also a sucker for karaoke- don't give me a microphone :)
    Logan and I both marvel at how we know every word to "Ice Ice Baby" (don't judge) but have no recollection of most of what we learned in the 8th grade!
    I also think kids love to see grownups be silly- so if you belt out a song and boogie down they want in on the action.