Friday, July 8, 2011

Classroom Jobs: My Perspective!

Whether it be first, last, or by their friends where they desire to be, let children have a free for all in lining up and be prepared to see some strong personalities come out.  

"He CUT!!!!"  "She CUT!!!!"  "THEY CUT IN FRONT OF ME!!!!"

Those dreaded words you hear from children as they run to position themselves in the most ideal place in line. 

This is where it all started for me.  This is where I gained my entire perspective for classroom jobs.

Most things (cubbies, supply tubs, clipboards, etc) in my classroom are labeled by number.  The biggest benefit is that they can all be reused without having to change them year after year. 

The children in my classroom have numbers too!  And this is the way we line up in line. Always.  No matter where we are going to or coming from.  We line up in order.  I don't even need to describe or explain to you how much this cuts down on the rushing and running and complaining and arguing. 

So how did this lead to my unique perspective on all my classroom jobs? 

It only took one year of changing the jobs weekly for me to know that it WASN'T helpful for me because I could never remember who was supposed to do what.  And, neither could the children. 

When I began the number system, I realized that our line leader (#1) and door holder (#2) and the caboose (last # child in line) would keep these jobs all year long. I very soon decided that other jobs in classroom would be year long ones as well! 

As the need for jobs arise, I ask the entire group of children who would be interested in having this job. No, I don't have a set list of jobs to fill.  I do know that there will be some ahead of time.  But, I pretty much go with the flow.  When I realize that there is something I've been doing that a child is perfectly capable of, a new job is born! 

Some examples from this past year were:
Light Helper (lights on and off when we needed the SmartBoard)
Music Helper (music on and off for reading/writing/center time)
Clipboard Helper (hold up board for children to retrieve)

You could run yourself ragged trying to do all this yourself!  Give the children some responsibility and let them help you! 

Help them, help you!

I have always known that whatever job I created for a child in my classroom, it would be done to help me.  My boss (the principal) creates jobs for teachers to help out him and our school (duty and committees).  So I, the boss of my classroom, will create jobs that ultimately help ME and our classroom. 

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  1. My kids don't have a designated number, but I have assigned spots for kids in line too. It not only cuts down on arguing, but it helps me keep behavior issues to a minimum because they can't be by their best buds. ;-)

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  3. Question with the number system.. If a new student comes in part-way through the year, are they stuck in the appropriate alphabetical spot in line, and everyone after has their number adjusted, or are they tucked in at the end of the line, without being in alphabetical order anymore? Or is your numbering even alphabetical to begin with?