Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

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Here's what I am loving on this first beautiful Wednesday in July.......

I'm loving that I got to start off my day at my school's Lunch and Learn program.  I am only teaching two days this week, but taking full advantage of the opportunity to be patriotic with the children and learn more about our amazing country. 

I'm loving the new slushie flavor at Kangaroo.  It's Pink Lemonade!  I missed my Mountain Dew slushie this morning, but thoroughly enjoyed the Pink Lemonade. 

I'm loving that my husband is on "vacation" this week and is finishing painting our home office today.  He is going to be needing it soon for his new job!  The color is called "Sassy Green"

I'm loving my sweet cat who is patiently waiting for her office to be put back together.  She is the true queen of this castle!

I'm loving the Wednesday edition of USA Today!  If you've never read Craig Wilson, give him a try!  His writing consists of little "slice of life" stories.  Today, his column was called "You can't turn back now..."  He shares a story of being on a narrow mountain trail.  Seeing oncomming trafic and nervous about how to maneuver, another man called out, "You can't turn back now. You've come too far!" We all find ourselves in situations in life when we want to give up and turn back.  Craig shares a quote from author Brian Peterson: "If there's no wanting, chances are there won't be much growing and certainly no arriving."

I'm loving my Kindergarten team!  We got together today to talk about the beginning of the next school year.  I am so lucky to be on a team of teachers that willingly get together over the summer to talk professionally.

I'm loving that I got to take an afternoon nap when I got home from school today.  Funny how we hated those as children and now long for them as adults. 

Until next Wednesday.............

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