Thursday, July 28, 2011

Shopping Spree(s) and a Free Sweet Tea!

It's been happening all summer long. 

I try to avoid it.

I try to save my money instead of spend it.

Let me introduce myself.....

I'm Mrs. Lochel, and I'm a kindergarten classroom shop-aholic!

It doesn't matter where we are or where we go, I am always on the lookout for items for my classroom.  It's like a little sensor in my brain that always stays lit.  It's always thinking and helping me see how regular items could be used to benefit my students in my classroom.  My sensor has a "Good Deal" radar on it too!  That's what leads me to the clearance racks and dollar spots!  You all know what I'm talking about!

As I've been unloading all my summer finds into my classroom this week, I've snapped a few pics and wanted to share!

Alphabet stickers can be used for so many things!  I am planning on using these in alphabet books for the children.  I am going to create the books before school begins and the children will add words/stickers/pictures to each page as we learn about each letter. The were only $1 a pack at Target!

Now, I love a good art project!!  I found these dish scrubbers for just $1 a piece at Target.  I am planning on putting paint in them instead of dish soap for the children to paint with!  I hope the paint isn't too thick.  If it works, the texture should be pretty cool!

Much like the ABC stickers, the foam sticky numbers can be used for so much!  I think I will make use of these at the beginning of the school year during our number sense unit.  The children can order them, match and stick them to groups of items, or sort them. Only $1 a pack at Target!

Hooray for number/quantity matching puzzles!!  Only $1 at Target.  I can use these as morning "wake up work" or as a math center!

Now, come MARCH, I am going to be all set!!  Target has gone all out with Dr. Seuss materials!  I got cups and plates!!  I am stickler for recycling and reducing waste whenever possible.  When I realized how much trash my class was creating using disposable snack cups, plates, napkins, coffee filters, etc, we immediately switched to reusable.  I can't wait to break these out in March!

Only $1 at Target!

Mr. Lochel took me to lunch today after my last shopping spree and come to find was FREE SWEET TEA day at McAllisters!  Lucky us! 

Happy Shopping, my friends! 

What good deals have you found? 

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  1. Target deals are addicting! and McAllister's sweet tea is amazingggg!!! I haven't had it since I lived at college, I'm jealous I missed free tea day!