Friday, July 8, 2011

Meet The Teacher

The day we first lay eyes on each other - teacher and student - has to be one of the most exciting times that we'll experience all year.  As the waiting and the nerves and the anticipation all come to fruition in an instant, we are, in that same moment of time, soon calmed and filled with shy handshakes, smiles, hugs, and laughter.

This year our Kindergarten team will be doing Meet the Teacher differently than any other grade level at our school.  Meet the Teacher happens in our district on the elementary level the Monday before school begins on Wednesday.

We decided that since many of our parents will be bringing their first child to school, they deserve a little more time and attention than other grade levels that have "been there, and done that" before.  And, we love the idea of making the parents feel more welcome and comfortable in this place where they'll be sharing their children with us for the next 5 years. 

So, instead of having three "drop in" sessions from 4:00-6:00 that have become quite informal, we will be holding 4 or 5 scheduled, sit down, sessions. When our families receive their placement letters, they will also see a time scheduled for Meet the Teacher.  Sessions will be on the same day as the rest of the school but will be at either 10:00, 11:00, 1:00, 2:00, or 3:00.  This way, we can ensure a small group of parents to sit and talk with.  Parents will be encouraged to bring their kindergartner(s) in with them!  Our assistants will take the children on a tour of the school (playground, cafeteria, etc) and work with them in the hallway. 

I will go over my "ABC's of Kindergarten", share my procedures and expectations, and answer any questions.  I will also share all the elements that make up my "Shark Files Notebook" which includes a weekly newsletter, behavior sheet, reading log, homework, notes and money pouch, etc.

This is also a GREAT time to get parents to fill out name tags for their own children for the first 4 or 5 days of school.  This saves me a lot of time AND since they are writing down how their child will go home those particular days, there is less room for questions and confusion.  There are always some that will be bus riders for the year, but that want to be car riders for the first day or two. We also encourage them to bring in any supplies this day so we have another workday to sort them all out before school begins. 

Do you have a "Meet the Teacher" type day before school begins?

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  1. How we did "orientation" last year and will be doing this year is...

    the first day of school parents are scheduled a time for small group meetings. 4-5 parents come at a time and I talk about procedures, curriculm, rules, behavior, expectations (because it isn't like when "they went to kindergarten") etc.

    Over the next 2 days children are scheduled to come in for a 30 minute "Meet the Teacher" and assessment time.

    The next 2 days we have staggered enterance. 1/2 the class one day and the other 1/2 the next.

    On the 6th day of school the entire class comes together.