Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

What I'm loving on this HOT HOT Wednesday, the 13th of July.........

I'm loving that the sun is shining.  No matter how hot it gets, I am thankful for the daylight and warmth.

I'm loving the support that my town is showing for a fallen soldier and fellow graduate of Fort Mill High.  Members of my town lined the street today for his homecoming in preparation of the funeral service tomorrow. I'm loving that I know God will wrap His gracious arms around TJ's family in their time of loss here on Earth.  I'm loving  that I am allowed to live and walk free because of what soldiers like TJ are fighting for.

This photo is linked to the local newspaper story. 
May God bless TJ and his family. 

I'm loving that my husband got a job offer from The Boy Scouts of America a few weeks ago.  He'll be a District Executive and the only professional scouter in our county.  He is super excited to start with them next week!  I am excited too because the hours will be much more flexible.

I'm loving that I get to have dinner with a friend tonight!  Lisa and I haven't dined in a while, but we are the type that can pick back up wherever we left off....and we always share lots of laughs.  I'm loving that I have sweet friends that I can truly be myself around.  And, we are going to the best place ever to eat........


I'm loving that I'm seeing an afternoon thunderstorm roll in!  Maybe it will cool things off.......

I'm loving my Wednesday edition of the USA Today, of course!  If you know me, you know I love me some Craig Wilson and The Final Word.  Today he charms his readers with a tale of grilling out.  I literally laughed out loud reading it to myself, picturing my sweet husband who used to let hot dogs fall through the grates or drop burgers on the ground while trying to transfer them to a plate.  While Mr. Lochel's grilling skills have vastly improved since we said "I do" over 4 year ago, Craig Wilson admits to not even owning a grill and rejoicing that everyone lived after eating his food.

I'm loving that ETS is sending me on a little road trip next week.  Check back to find out what exactly I get to do! 

What are you loving today?


  1. I am new to Blogger and recently discovered your wonderful blog! Today I am loving the same thing as you..I am also from Fort Mill and loved the support that everyone showed today.

  2. I was hoping for an afternoon thunderstorm, but we never got one. Hope ya'll did! :0)

    I am also a kindergarten teacher. Your blog is adorable!!