Monday, July 18, 2011

No "Fist Pumping" Allowed

I'm not at 'The Shore' but I am in NEW JERSEY!

A few months ago I was nominated by my State Department of Education to serve on a multi-state standard setting study for ETS.  The purpose of this study was to help determine a passing score for the Elementary Multiple Subjects Praxis exam.  From here on out, pre-service teachers will need to pass each section individually and our recommendations for that score will be sent to our State Departments.

I felt very honored to be a part of this and had a big responsibility to represent not only my state and our pre-service teachers, but what is MOST important to us.......our students. 

This was my chance to advocate for what THEY need to learn and be taught.  This was my opportunity to declare what makes a beginning teacher qualified.

As we began our introductions, our panel leader jokingly declared, "There will be no fist pumping in here!" 

Mr. Lochel and I got in early afternoon yesterday and took a bike ride around the ETS campus.  It had been gloomy weather our entire drive up so we were thankful for the sunshine!  The campus is beautiful.

Tonight, we went into downtown Princeton to explore. 

We walked on the campus of Princeton University. 

Talk about "Ivy League"

Then, we ate dinner at a local pub.
 I was channeling my inner Liz Bridges here by snapping a pic of my delish dinner. 

Tomorrow promises to be another challenging day on the panel.  I am looking forward to the professional discussion and the growth that I am experiencing from this!  I am not looking forward to the drive home on Wednesday!  But, until then, I will focus my thoughts on teaching candidates and the sweet, smiling faces of those I love the most---the children!

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  1. There's an old saying from before Jersey Shore came on, "We're from Jersey, we don't pump gas - we pump fists!" You can probably tell that's not really the case though, especially in Princeton! You were right where I taught for the last 2 years! If you go past Princeton U down Nassau Street, you'd see Riverside School! If you need advice on what to do or where to eat, email me (you can find it in my profile). I'll be around...studying for the middle school science and social studies PRAXIS tests on Saturday!!!
    Miss B, Busy Bee