Friday, July 22, 2011

A True Summer Fun-Day!

If you asked 100 teachers what they missed the most during our 180 days of work with the children, the response I bet you'd get the most is...........LUNCH OUT!!  It's the first thing we do when a workday rolls around and it's something I love to do in the summer time.  It just always amazes me to see all the other people "out to lunch" on weekday.  Makes me wonder what they do that allows them such flexibility. 

Today I got to have a lunch date with three of my most favorite people! 

Lori, Colin, and Landon

I met Lori 2 years ago when her oldest son, Colin, was starting 1st grade.  I knew instantly that Lori was not only an amazing mom to her two sweet boys, but that we would be friends beyond our professional relationship.  I could "joke" with her in the first minutes of our time together at "Meet the Teacher".  She had come prepared with a list of questions and after the first five I even said to her, "You're gonna be trouble aren't you?"  We've been friends ever since.  I was so blessed to learn that Landon, Lori's youngest son, would be in my Kindergarten class the next year.  Lori has laughed and cried with me about the children, my fear of the dentist, the loss of my brothers, family, jobs, and just the ups and downs of life in general.

We had a yummy lunch at Don Pedro and of course, shared a lot of laughs.  In the same shopping center was a place called "Parrot U".  This place was full of squawking, beautiful, colorful, squawking birds! We talked and danced with them all. 

The boys got to pick out a feather to keep. 

From there, I headed straight to the grocery store.  I had to prepare a side for Supper Club tonight!  The hosting couple planned to take us on boat ride first and then come back to their home for supper.  I knew instantly what I wanted to make!  A few years ago I found a recipe in Rachael Ray's magazine.  The May 2008 issue focused on a Block Party and what to make.  Loaded Baked Potato Salad was calling my name! 

I do not consider myself a good cook by any means, but this recipe is really, really easy.  And, for me to say that, you have to believe it!  What makes this so easy for me is the amount of ingredients.  I can count them on one hand and one finger: potatoes, bacon, cheese, sour cream, butter, and green onions.

GET READY......I am going to share the only kitchen trick I know.....

After you chop up the green onion, you can save the bottom half, put them in some water and guess what??? 

THEY WILL GROW BACK!  Have you ever tried this?  I remember hearing this from the winner of one of the cooking shows on Food Network.  I've tried it before and actually used what grew several times. 

Here is what Rachael Ray's final product looks like.  Mine wasn't as pretty, but, it sure was good!

So here's to a true summer fun-day......and here's to many more!

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  1. It blows my mind still to see people out at lunch everyday. How expensive and time consuming to do it everyday during your lunch "hour."
    I'm a new follower!
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